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About Us


Team Group is a Dubai based real estate brokerage and real estate service provider since 1991 and has become one of the prestige leaders of Dubai Real Estate Industry. Team Group integrates ambiance into realty is one of the several techniques to establish an indulgent living. Giving luxury and environment-friendly homes is our purpose when it comes to the comfort of our valued customers.

Team Group offers a wide variety of properties and areas, whether it is a residential villa, office, retail or industrial properties for sale and/or rent across Dubai and the UAE. Alma also offers an outstanding service given by our specialized consultants and certified brokers.


Team Group has one simple philosophy: we give and apply to our clients a high standard in ensuring a smooth and transparent transaction of properties. We also offer more than investments and/or transactional services.


Team Group has developed a property management division specializes a great relationship towards our customers with consistency and assurance of transactions and investments. Our client focused approach and desire is to serve people who come to us to the very best of our ability and potentiality. Ultimately – our most important relationship is with our clients; therefore, we seek to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients in providing them with the given most up-to-date knowledge and high-quality service we could offer. Our main priority is to keep our customers happy and satisfied.


Our management and sales team has a very thorough knowledge of the Dubai real estate market, ensuring that any queries a client asks will be responded. Our team will be more happy to close a sale with our buyer and seller’s full attention to their requirements or expectations. We present to our potential clients the best possible options and consultation for their needs and financial means in order to fully understand the market.

All our brokers have been qualified in the latest RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agent) and constantly undergo training in-house. Our team has the responsibility to ensure our customers with a great deal of licensing real estate activities, regulating and registering rental agreements. The team has set their priorities straight; that is to recognise the residential real estate’s dual role as a personal investment and also as an important financial value.

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